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Inside at Night, 2016

Inside at Night is an installation composed of several 3D sculptures and a wall piece. The space is lighted blue and its temperature is set to 18°C. 

Tiny hospital furniture and figures are displayed calmly on the entrance wall, appear as objects waiting to be used in a weird play.

Massive curtains are placed in the middle of the space, separate the odd tools and figures from an empty tribune, facing an open window.  

The main motivation of the installation originates in identifying the theatrical DNA of the hospitalisation experience and the hospital itself.

The sick person is separated from society and surrounded by hospital staff - people trained and paid to take care of the patient - is enduring a very stricked yet unexpected daily routine conducted of medical procedures mechanical justures. The 

The 'sick-persone', the hospitalized person and the hospital staff, are required to fill in their parts, each consists of specific codes of behavior and conduct. Those codes are for example to the schedule, the dressing codes and the very special type of communication expected from both sides. Technically, this experience can be related to as sort of a show.

The variety of materials from wax to styrofoam points to the decytive- מתכלה nature of materials and body.

The theatrical- hospital playground installation emphasizes the option of observing and being observed at the same time.

Styrofoam, plaster, metal, wax, fabric, tape, wood, bitumen layers

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