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Past Imperfect Continuous 2018

Alfred Gallery

A joint exhibition by artists Keshet Ben Ami,   Lital Rubinstein and Shira Barak, curated by Ohad Zehavi. The exhibition combines the three artists' new works into one integrated installation, multi-faceted and yet cohesive, created especially for Alfred Gallery. It includes sculptures of various sizes, a wall image, a video work and a sound work.

The exhibition's focus lies on fateful rituals, full of vision yet inherently failing.

At the center of the space appear the remains of an enigmatic rite from the past. A set of wooden instruments bringing to mind light reflectors are laid out in the gallery space, rising gradually, drawing the gaze ever upwards. Additional scattered evidences – shells of bodies lying supine and a pair of ropes rising up to the sky – suggest a ceremony with almost cosmic ambitions, which most probably could not have been achieved.

The exhibition was part of the series 'Vision and Failure which was held in Alfred Gallery throughout the year of 2018. The series  sought to examine the possible opportunities inherent in failure: experimentalism, fragility, weakness, indecision and confusion.

Wood, fiberglass, glass powder, rope, plaster, clay

Images by Dafna Gazit

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